(LEXINGTON, KY)  July 27, 2020 —- The Thoroughbred Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) announces the winners of its annual awards competition.  The entries were in two main categories. Campaigns & Tactics. Each entry could be awarded either a Win (First), Place (Second) or Show (Third) designation. View a PDF version of this list here.


Place   –           Nicholasville Stormwater                                   Community Champion category

Wiser Strategies & the City of Nicholasville

Win     –           Big Family                                                                Integrated Communications

KET staff & others – Todd Piccirilli, Abby Malik, John Dawahare, Rob Elliott, Reggie Beehner, Lauren Bennett, Ann Bransom, Patrick Brumback, Bullhorn Creative, Mollie Eblen, Grand Communications, Nancy Howard, Lisa Meek, Audra Miller, Robin Roenker, Steve Shaffer, Josh Sims, Micah Trvisonno and Missy Upton.

Win     –           We See The Good Ahead, Brand Launch          Integrated Communications

Work + Play Studio, Ana Coomer, Principal & Bethany Langdon,  New Vista

Place   –           EKU Valentine’s Day-Instagram Story              Social Media category

Sarah Kelley, Jessica Holly, Tara Leisure, Matt Schumacher & Brandon Moore,  EKU

Show   –           WoW Wheel Wednesday                                     Special Event category

Sara Jaggers,  Kentucky Housing Corporation

Win     –           Farmers National Bank 140th Anniversary      Special Event category

Brant Welch & Sharon Howell,  Farmers National Bank

Place   –           Campus Buildings Portfolio                                 Student category

Carson Bryant, Jessica Holly, Tara Leisure, Ashley Reaves, Brandon Moore, Amanda Cain,  EKU

Place   –           EKU Weekly Events Highlight-Instagram Story          Student Category

Sarah Kelley, Jessica Holly and Brandon Moore,  EKU

Win     –           Hazelwood.org                                                                   Website category

Trifecta Media & Bethany Langdon,  New Vista

Win     –           Camp Horsin’ Around                                                        Website category

Mackenzie Davis, Wiser Strategies & Camp Horsin’ Around, Brant Welch


Place   –           2019-2020 Highlights Piece                                             Brochure category

Mickey Thomas, Brandon Moore, Josh Kegley, Megan Sevier, Stephanie Waley, EKU

Win     –           EKU Aviation Program                                                      Multimedia category

Duane Bolin, Leonard Nave, Brandie Conder, Matt Phelps,  EKU

Place   –           EKU Marching Colonel Hype video                                Multimedia category

Kristi Middleton, Brandie Conder, Leonard Nave, Dwayne Bolin, Matt Phelps, Lanny Brannock, Doug Cornett,  EKU

Place   –           Success First Resources Guide                          Multimedia category

Work + Play Studio & Bethany Langdon,  New Vista

Show   –           Success First Resources Guide                                        Special Purpose Publication

Jessica Holly, Brandon Moore, Ashley Reaves, Mickey Thomas, Lara Vance, Travis Martin, Gill Hunter, Bethany Warner, Heather Davis,  EKU

Win     –           New Vista 2019 Annual Report                                      Special Purpose Publication

Trifecta Media & Bethany Langdon,  New Vista

There were co-winners of the chapter’s annual Communicator of the Year Award.  The award goes to a person or group who does not work as a public relations professional, and who exemplifies excellent communications of their message to a variety of audiences.   The recipients are:

The late Anita Rowe-Franklin, a nurse by profession and also an advocate for gun safety by speaking out for the protection of today’s youth against gun violence. This came in the wake of the shooting death of her son, Antonio Franklin, Jr, an innocent bystander at an event in Duncan Park.

See the video for Anita Rowe-Franklin here.


Dr. Aaron Thompson,  a passionate advocate for higher education serving currently as the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of the Council on Post-Secondary Education in Frankfort.  He has served in a variety of education posts including interim president of Kentucky State University.

See the video for Dr. Aaron Thompson here.

Also presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for at 20+ years of excellent public relations/communications work went to Sue Patrick, APR, CPE.  She is currently serving as Chief Communications Officer at the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education.  Sue has demonstrated her unending dedication to the public relations profession, her skill at crafting effective and engaging messages, as well as her passion for those programs and professionals she leads.

See the video for Sue Patrick, APR, CPE here.