A Call for Judges

It’s time to judge a sister chapter’s awards entries
It’s time for our chapter members to step up & judge contest entries from the Central Iowa chapter. They have submitted 43 entries for us to judge. You can see the breakdown of how many entries were submitted in the text below, as well as the procedure for judging. Everything is being judged electronically… thru Dropbox, like last year…  it hopefully will be less of a hassle than last year.  But the virtue of judging electronically is that you can do it whenever you have the time. I’d like it to be sooner rather than later because we need to get the results to the Iowa folks by September.
Take a look at the entries & decide which one or ones you would like to do. You need to judge all the entries in a specific category, i.e:  all four entries in the technical writing category or all five entries in the magazine category. Remember each entry needs to be judged twice so once you finish with one category as a first round judge, you likely will be called on to do a second round of other entries.
Please respond to Cliff Feltham (cjfeltham27@gmail.com) and Katie McDaniel (katie@wiserstrategies.com) and let us know that you are willing to judge & tell us which categories you are judging.
Here’s the details for their contest & how you access the judging forms…


  1. Internal Communications (1 entry)
  2. Annual Reports (3 entries)
  3. Newsletters (2 entries)
  4. Magazines (5 entries)
  5. Feature Writing (2 entries)
  6. Technical Writing (4 entries)
  7. Speech Writing (0 entries)
  8. Media Relations Program (2 entries)
  9. Community Champion (2 entries)
  10. Special Event (4 entries)
  11. Crisis/Issues Management (1 entry)
  12. Integrated Communications (7 entries)
  13. Multimedia (1 entry)
  14. Websites (3 entries)
  15. Social Media (4 entries)
  16. Student (2 entries)

All of the entry submissions are organized by category in the PRIME Awards Dropbox Folder.
Here is the link to the Dropbox folder:
Please note, there was some confusion with some of the submissions regarding the format for the award summary for double space vs. single spaced. Because of this, I’m asking you to avoid placing judgment on the length/formatting of the summary, and instead focus on the content in the summary and how it explains the planning, execution and evaluation of the project.
Remember, each entry must be reviewed by at least two judges. If scores differ by more than 15 points, please have a third judge review as well to determine an average score.
As judges complete the scoring form the scores will automatically be entered into an Excel Google Doc. This spreadsheet can be used to tally scores and determine award winners. In column X of this form, please indicate if the award entry should receive a PRIME award, Merit award or no award. After judging is complete, please also assign a Best of Show award to one of the winners of a PRIME award.

PRIME Awards Judging/Scoring Sheet:


PRIME Awards Evaluation Spreadsheet: